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All Things Roses

Visit the island's famous Rose Factory for a tour and all things roses!


Agros Village

The village of Agros was named after the Monastery of Megalos Agros, which was built at the spot where the Church of Panayia of Agros is found today. According to tradition 40 monks from Cyzicus of Asia Minor, during the era of Byzantine Iconoclasm abandoned the Monastery of Megalos Agros and arrived in Cyprus carrying the icon of the Holy Mother. They ended up at the area where Agros is located today, stayed for a certain period in a cave. They built a new monastery naming it Monastery of Megalos ( after the name of monastery they left in Minor Asia). In 1692 A.C. a death virus spread all over the island causing death to 2⁄3 of the population. The survivors left their houses and moved close to the monastery where a new village was formed with the name of Agros.


Quad biking in the mountains

For the most fun you'll ever have on four wheels!


Niki's Sweets

& Kafkalia's Smoked Products

Stock up on your preserves sweets and smoked products at these traditional village shops

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